Winslow Homer: Illustrating a Nation Brings Civil War Era Illustration to Muskegon Museum of Art | News


MUSKEGON – The Muskegon Museum of Art presents a new exhibit, Winslow Homer: Illustrating a Nation, which opens Thursday, January 20. Winslow Homer was one of the most important American artists of the 19th century, famous for his dramatic depictions of people and nature, as well as his illustrations of everyday life and Civil War battles in Harper’s Weekly, an illustrated magazine based in New York who extensively covered the American Civil War.

The exhibit features many of Homer’s best-known images, including The Noon Recess, Snap the Whip, A Sharpshooter on Picket Duty, and The Dinner Horn, a complementary image to the MMA oil painting Answering the Horn. Other works in the exhibition depict illustrations of people’s leisure, work, and daily lives, as well as dramatic scenes and circumstances.

In 1861, Harper’s Weekly commissioned Homer to illustrate the events of the Civil War, bringing his work to the forefront of the nation. Homer captured the day-to-day events of war, illustrating battles, soldiers in conflict and at rest, and the effects of war on families at home. Today, Harper’s Weekly illustrations serve as a direct account of the events of the Civil War.

Winslow Homer: Illustrating a Nation is underwritten by the JSJ Foundation, Thelma & Paul Wiener Fund for the Arts of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, and Blue Lake Public Radio.


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