WhatsApp update on iOS allows beta users to send HD photos. How it works

WhatsApp last week introduced a feature for its Android beta users that allowed them to select the quality of the images they send through chats. Now this feature to send high definition photos has been introduced in the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS.

The HD photos feature has been rolled out for specific beta users, reported WABetaInfo following WhatsApp updates. To check if the feature is available, go to WhatsApp settings and then search for “Media download quality” under “Storage & Data”. If so, the feature has been enabled for your WhatsApp beta account.

The feature will roll out to other users next week. So if you don’t have it yet, it might happen in a few days.

And it works the same as Android. By tapping on the “Media download quality” option, three options are displayed: Auto (recommended), Best quality and Data saver. The second option is the one to choose to send HD photos.

Selecting the “Best Quality” option does not mean that WhatsApp will send the image with the original quality, but the image compression algorithm would maintain 80% of the image quality. If the resolution of the image is higher than 2048×2048, it can be resized.

WhatsApp typically compresses images to 70% of the original quality, and large images are always compressed.

Please keep in mind that this is only the beta version and WhatsApp is still testing the image compression algorithm, so the percentage of original quality kept in the uploaded image might be changed in future updates.

Notably, sending quality images would take more data and time. If you have a limited data plan, the “data saver” option will compress the image further. However, this will have an impact on the quality.

These options only affect images sent in chats, not those posted as WhatsApp stories as they use different compression rules.

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