Tips for having great stock images


Plan first

Never look for pictures before you have your show built.

Photographs are the component you coordinate in your show. So often I’ve seen associates starting out doing a show, looking for footage when they’ve prepared a slide. What usually happens is that they refine their show and erase the background change from the slide thus rendering the image immaterial. Or then again it’s worth it, they just need to erase the slide on the grounds that their show is a beast. They just wasted so much time looking for images that they will never use.

The other problem with looking for images with a large number of steps is that you don’t have a typical visual language across your show. Since you are not working with an outline, you cannot design the style of the images you are looking at.

That’s why I recommend that you look for images just when the structure of the show is authoritative! Since then, at this stage, you will only be looking for images that you will use and not waste your time. You also have a preview of the number of images you want and quickly check if they match each other.

Try not to stare with slogans

Watching with watchwords presents you with the unmistakable images

Most image sites allow you to view photographs by keywords. It’s obviously a good idea if you know what you need to show, but it’s actually a tricky piece. Whenever you search for images by taglines, you end up with images that are self-evident. Assuming I had searched for images in this article with the tagline “photography” or “camera”, I just end up with a nice image which is the specific interpretation of what is happening with my article.

I think with images we can give a second degree of understanding of what we are talking about. For example, the photograph I have chosen for this article refers to a second story that could be summed up as follows: “Do not look in a standard way, but look in extraordinary places”.

For the ability to find images that add an extra layer of storytelling to a show, I usually check out various stock image sites. I read, I don’t watch. It involves me seeing a ton of images that are unrelated, and then out of nowhere an image pops up, an image that I could never put down, but that just fits my subject perfectly. Normally I just keep scrolling through the main image, but I keep scrolling until I have three or four images that might fit. This requires a certain investment but the result is simply much greater.

Assuming you have been looking for a while, various slides, pages, or articles that you might need to maintain a reliable look and feel in your show. There are a few simple tricks you can use to match images:

– On you can look through images by colors – Simply change each of your images to high contrast – Browse images from a similar creator – Use equivalent subject eg scene, people, objects – Use equivalent distance, eg just large scale photographs – Use equivalent light, eg just use white or darker photographs.


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