This ShutterStock alternative is great for stock images, and it’s on sale

Typical stock photos are pretty much known to be terrible. They even inspired their own hashtags. Even the most expensive services leave a lot to be desired if you’re looking for contemporary options that are more wired than tired. And the free ones? Well, the number of images is limited and the usage rights can be confusing. A simpler, better, and more affordable solution is newcomer JumpStory, which tackles the entire stock imaging experience with technology that addresses many of today’s graphic design challenges and feels it all. simply much more current and authentic.

For starters, JumpStory has over 25 million images, illustrations, vector icons, and videos and adds more every day (20k + actually). This is surely the least you would expect from a photo service. But here’s where it gets cool: JumpStory uses artificial intelligence to make your life easier.

AI helps you find the exact kind of images you’re looking for, thanks to TextMatch, which (if you haven’t guessed it) matches text with photos. This means that if you’ve ever written a blog post, social media post, landing page, email marketing campaign, or anything else, you can just paste your copy into the TextMatch search box. , and JumpStory’s AI will find the best images to go with your written content. “Best” here isn’t just a term to throw away either, as not only will the results be relevant to the copy, but they’ll also reveal which images are expected to have the most impact on your audience – it’s AI. HighJumper tool.

There’s also a standard search with helpful filters and inspiring options like categories and collections. And if you really don’t have time to search for the perfect picture, just take advantage of the free search help feature that lets you send a request to a member of the JumpStory support team who will find it. the pictures for you.

Plus, JumpStory lets you edit images without leaving the site or needing to download them first. You can crop, insert text, adjust contrast, insert your own logo, etc., or you can remove backgrounds and automatically optimize for the web with one click.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for and tweaked it to your liking, do what you want with it – all assets are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, and downloads are unlimited, so go ahead and spruce up your blog, website, emails, social media, ASMR YouTube channel or whatever you want.

With JumpStory releasing new features and images all the time, it’s worth a monthly subscription, even if you’re just doing Midsommar memes all day. But right now, an authentic stock photograph JumpStory ™: Lifetime Membership is on sale for the one-time cost of $ 99.99, a savings of 95%.

* First published: May 20, 2020, 4:03 p.m. CDT

Lauren Forgione

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Lauren Forgione

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