Building your own home is a big investment. Not only big but also the most important in life. Despite the fact that it must be carefully thought out, it often gets lost in the maze of offers. Due to this, we choose a mortgage that is not entirely us.

In addition, competition on the financial market is so great that offers change every day. It’s possible that the one that was great six months ago now does not even represent one of the good ones. Then we are losing.

Is this the case for you? Do not worry, change your credit for a better one!

A refinancing loan allows you to reduce the interest rate on your loan repayment so far, transferring it to another bank. With the development of competition, every bank tries to attract you to yourself – you can gain a lot. For you, the refinancing loan is only a conversion of the loan into a cheaper and better one.


Is it worth taking a refinancing loan?

Is it worth taking a refinancing loan?

Do you really have to wonder? If you choose cheaper or more expensive, you can not stay at a more expensive one!

A refinancing loan is granted on various principles – the majority – but it is a significantly cheaper alternative! If you pay back your mortgage regularly, reduce your interest rate . Nothing costs you. Check which bank the best offer is waiting for you and do not hesitate – reduce your installment by as much as several hundred zlotys a month !


In fact, thanks to a refinancing loan, you can get tens of thousands of zlotys. Do not hesitate!

By transferring a mortgage to another bank , you have the chance to get a new loan, such as the one you are transferring. This means that you will not only save money by lowering the interest rate for this loan, but also, renovating your apartment or paying off credit cards – the remaining sum of money, because you can devote to any purpose!


And what about foreign currency?

And what about foreign currency?

The principle is the same! A loan in a foreign currency may also be replaced by a refinancing loan . Every day, the number of people who change their finances for the better is growing . Do you want to be the only one who stays with a loan that is absolutely not worth it? Just because you’re scared? Profit is sure! Check it out yourself – as soon as possible – tomorrow the offers of banks may change. The financial market is rushing!


And you can get a lot:

  • lowering the interest rate,
  • reduction of monthly installments,
  • exemption from commission, free currency conversion,
  • help from the bank in fees related to the mortgage,
  • exemption from fees related to bridging insurance and low contribution,
  • the opportunity to allocate other money for other purposes.

Your choice is simple! Think about whether you really care about paying high installments. Do you really want to throw away your money? Already today, you can instead get a new car or renovate the whole apartment ! Do not hesitate!