Peeled cardboard adds a wavy dimension to Javier Pérez’s artful illustrations


Inasmuch as

Animation Artwork

#cardboard #drawing

March 24, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Javier Pérez, shared with permission

Ecuadorian illustrator Javier Perez (previously) is known for transforming humble materials into minimalist designs brimming with his distinctive sense of wit and whimsy. His latest series of experiments peels off the top layer of corrugated cardboard and uses the hidden textured grooves to define a sailor’s striped shirt, a dog’s shaggy fur or a thick beard pre-shave. A mix of stop-motion animations and illustrations, the series transforms simple lines and everyday objects into playful scenarios.

Based in Guayaquil, Pérez offers prints of his artful designs through Company6and you can find more of his works on Behance and instagram.

#cardboard #drawing

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