Are you negatived and do not know how to pay off your debts? Nowadays, with the advent of technology, I find it much easier to get credit without leaving home.

The online loan has emerged as a quick, easy and secure way of securing credit . The whole bureaucratic part ( sending of documents, signature of contract, signature, among others), is done online, only with the use of internet and computer or cell phone.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or are negative, we separate some suggestions of where to get this type of loan.

Anyone with the dirty name on the square can get the loan online.


Where to get loan online?

Where to get loan online?

You can find loans online at the banks themselves or bank correspondents. In either case , to get the amount you want to withdraw , you need to cease the page of the financial institution, from where you will apply for the loan.

  • Banks: these are institutions authorized by the Bank of Brazil to provide and provide financial services to the population. When it comes to loans, banks generally only accept requests from people who are already clients of the institution; and hardly accept loans for negatives, which do not make them a good option for this case.
  • Bank correspondents: these are legal entities that intermix banks and clients. They accept loans for negatives and, generally, the deposit of credit is done very fast; being, therefore, the best option for this case. Some examples of correspondents are: Simply , Crepica , Credit, N la utang , Lenders .

It is worth noting also that banks have higher requirements than financial institutions, and for this reason, the financial s often charge higher interest payment to offset the risk.


What are the requirements to make an online loan?

What are the requirements to make an online loan?

Regardless of the institution, there are some basic requirements required for you to apply for an online loan. They are:

  • Civilian citizenship (over 18 years);
  • Identity document (RG) and CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of income;
  • Bank account.

Ideally, you should check to see if you meet these requirements before you begin the search process for an institution to apply for the loan online.


Step by step how to acquire an online loan

Step by step how to acquire an online loan

1) Enter the website of the financial institution

The first step is to identify the financial institution you wish to borrow and enter your website through an online browser.

2) Simulate the loan

Normally the institutions provide a loan simulator, which enables the client to know in advance the possible conditions of payment of his request, as well as the values ​​of the parcels.

There is also the possibility of access to financial sites such as Low Interest, which simulate loans in a more general way, simplifying the process, since there is no need to access the websites of all the institutions that wish to consult payment terms.

3) Choose the loan

In this step, it is important to take into account the higher cost-benefit offered by the instituiçã. For this reason, it is essential that you be cautious and not impulsive. Do not choose the loan just for the speed with which you will have the money at hand.

Take into account issues such as interest rates, possible payment terms, the period and the amount of the payment installments .

Issues such as these are key to choosing the option that best suits your needs and income.

In addition, it is they that guarantee that new debt will not be generated in the attempt to remove the previous one.

Also verify the origin of the company that is contacting the service, so that blows are avoided. The tip is to verify at the Central Bank the existence of the company or the reputation on sites.


4) Choose the payment method

Analyze your income and choose the form of payment that best suits you . It is necessary to know your income and expenses so that you take the credit, knowing that you can pay it under the conditions chosen in this step.

5) Send the documents to the institution

Before being approved, the loan application is evaluated by the institution according to the adequacy to the stipulated prerequisites. These ranging from institution to institution, and may be more or less stringent.

To go through the evaluation process, it is necessary to register on the website and send the requested documents, which allow the institution to verify that you meet the requirements.

6) Wait for the analysis

After sending the documents, the institution requires a period to analyze and return an answer about your loan application. This analysis involves evaluating issues such as the amount of credit, the form of payment and the suitability of the client from their documents.

The time of analysis is variable according to the chosen institution.

7) Remove the credit in account

If your credit is approved, it will be deposited quickly into your account. So, just take it out to clear your debt from negativado, clearing your name!


What are the advantages and disadvantages of making a loan online?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of making a loan online?

The online loan offers convenience and flexibility for you.

The advantages of applying for an online loan, in general, are greater than the disadvantages.

The main advantages are:

  • Convenience;
  • No bureaucracy;
  • Speed ​​in getting the loan;
  • Flexible forms of payment;
  • Lots of loan options.

And the disadvantages are:

  • Depending on the loan, you will need to bear high interest rates;
  • If you do not have good planning, you can go into debt even more.

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