Interpret Dante’s “Divine Comedy” through his illustrations


AsinMalta’s next online conference will discuss “Dante’s divine comedy: Otherworld Images from his Poem’ on March 3.

Often considered a daunting read, the divine comedy can also, and in a more accessible way, be studied through its illustrations. Dante’s visions of hell, purgatory and heaven have provided a rich source of inspiration for over 700 years.

During the conference, guest speaker Patsy Erskine-Hill will examine a selection of the many artists who have attempted to portray the other world.

Sandro Botticelli, Gustave Doré and William Blake attempted all three areas, but many others delved in and out of history, each imprinting their own century and beliefs on finished art.

Guest speaker Patsy Erskine-Hill

Raised in Italy, France and Switzerland, Erskine-Hill holds a degree in Italian from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in Russian Imperial History from the University of Edinburgh. She ran her own business for many years, ending with a five-year teaching contract at an American university.

Back in the UK, she lectured extensively to historical societies, academic groups, special interest associations and on cruises. His interests are Imperial Russian society, art and architecture, Italian history, and the art and culture of 18th century England.

The conference will take place via Zoom on March 3 at 6:30 p.m. For more information and to register, contact Nicole Stilon at [email protected]

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