Email artwork – Add some liveliness to your campaigns


It is fascinating to know how much email subscribers react to illustrations and how it influences their construction of meaning. When asked to marketers what types of visuals were produced most frequently in 2016, 35% mentioned stock photos while 30.4% of marketers said they most often used original graphics, such as infographics and illustrations.

Email marketers are also gradually becoming familiar with the use of illustrations in emails. The different types of art in these illustrations grab the attention of subscribers and help them better understand your offerings.

The main advantage of using illustrations in emails is that subscribers can actually imagine themselves in the images, which allows for better decision making.

Why choose illustrations in the email?

1. Brilliant storytelling tool

Artwork works as extensions of your brand personality and conveys your story in a way that your followers are hooked to the email. You can effectively share the user guide of your website, products or services through illustrations.

2. Easy conceptualization

If you want to represent an abstract idea or a metaphorical object, illustrations make conceptualization easier and create a better replica of what you want to express.

3. Adaptability

Artwork can be reused and republished to match the changing demands of your email campaigns. You can add icons, diagrams, symbols and other smart art elements in your emails and make the design different shapes like Flat Design, Skeuomorphic, Cartoon, Low Poly etc.

4. Modularity

Elements can be added or removed from artwork sketches and rearranged according to the purpose of the email.

5. Profitable

Compared to other interactive elements, artwork in emails is cost effective and helps achieve the same results. You can even customize the illustrations available on the internet… And you know what’s the best part? Even if you don’t have a team, a single illustrator can design great illustrations.

7 best illustrations of sample emails in our inbox

1. Warby Parker

Warby parker, the popular eyewear brand in this email template convincingly showcased the use of sunglasses indoors, showcasing their new solar collective. Not only did they mention 8 ways sunglasses can be used indoors, through relevant iconic representations; the purpose of the email as well as their offer was also clearly conveyed.

2. Boden New Briton

Boden New British -Illustration

This is a very good Illustrator email from Reality vs Expectations by Boden.

While the image presents the protagonist in reality, the illustration shows the customer expectations that can be achieved by using their product. Brilliantly portrayed, isn’t it?

3. Petsmart

PetSmart - Illustration

Illustrations are always a great way to present the idea in a light way. Here in the email from Petsmart, a cartoon of a dog with a speech bubble adds to the slogan “Buy beds for every style of sleep”.

4. Uncommon goods

Uncommon Goods - Illustrations in Email

This email from Uncommon goods has a very creative design with interesting illustrations depicting clever moms. However, it would be even better if the text was superimposed on the illustrations. Overall a great example of artwork in emails.

5. Mango Kids:

email illustration and clipart

Halloween email by Mango Kids incorporated the illustration over the photograph for a bang-on effect to the message. Whereas a white background and minimal body text make the email stand out.

6. Photojojo

email illustration and clipart

Photography props retailer Photojojo used an Octopus to offer an $ 8 rebate on any product as part of a re-engagement email. The short body of the email and the focus on the offer prompts the subscriber to take action.

7. Starbucks:

email illustration and clipart

Starbucks has incorporated artwork alongside their product photos to highlight the seasons. A clean layout and element arrangement gives a refreshing feel to this email.


Now that you have a detailed idea of ​​the illustrations and examples, how about delighting your subscribers with engaging illustrations in your next email campaign?

Did you use illustrations in your email? Share with us in the comments.


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