First, before we know which investment is most profitable we will point out the differences between loan and financing, although many think that these operations are synonymous, they have quite different purposes, see below.

When making a loan it is not necessary to inform the bank where that money will be applied, that is, it is allowed to use it in the way that you wish, but the interest rates tend to be higher, since the bank does not have any good as guarantee . On the other hand, when making a loan, it is necessary to say specifically to the bank where that money will be invested, and this property will be sold to the bank as collateral, this type of loan tends to have smaller interest.

Now that you have understood the difference between their modalities, it is recurrent to ask what kind of investment is more profitable, to buy a property or to apply the money?

Buying a property or applying the money?

Buying a property or applying the money?

Applying the money, that is, saving, is a low risk and reliable operation for those who invest up to R $ 250 thousand, because in bankruptcy situations banks guarantee the return of this money, however, for values ​​above that the operation is considered of risk.

According to the SELIC rate, the profitability of savings is between 8.5% per annum, this means that the money spent on saving will yield less than the average annual interest rates, ie this ensures that your money does not depreciate by standing still.

However, it is important to point out that saving is only feasible when the intention is to save some money in few quantities, if the objective is to have a return over that value, it is more advantageous to try another investment alternative.

In comparison, buying a property is much more profitable than investing in savings, because later the value can be applied with guarantee of a return. Buying a land allows you to later build and sell the property, or rent the house or sell the land in the future. However, before purchasing a property it is indispensable to be aware of the documentation to avoid future problems and ensure the financial return.

Is it worth selling a property and applying the money?

Is it worth selling a property and applying the money?

Because having low profitability, selling a property and applying money on savings is not one of the most profitable alternatives, however, comparing risk is safer than other types of operations, but such security often may not be worth it as it does not there are guarantees of return of the money invested.

Is investing in property for rent profitable?

This is a relative question as it is necessary to evaluate many points before considering this investment a good option. Check out:

The first of them is the analysis of the location of the property and the cost of it, and evaluate if the return with the rent will be worth.

Control the anxiety considering that the property can take a few months to be rented and in that time you will have to pay condominium, IPTU, cleaning and conservation of the property.

Pay about 10% of the rent value to the contracted real estate, however, this type of service does not have many problems since the real estate is responsible for the collection of rentals and take care of all documentation.

Although the property is rented

Although the property is rented

It will be being valued year by year and that means that more money can get in your pocket through the rents.

Therefore, we consider that buying a property is a great investment.

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