Alice Skinner’s Colorful Artwork Calls on the Nation to ‘Keep the House Fires On’ Until It’s Safe to Meet Again


The bright collection of artwork encourages masturbation and solo sex with slogans such as “Keep Calm and Carry On Wanking” and “Make Do and Masturbate” – slogans her client came up with and asked her to. to give life. It is a kind of call to “keep the house fires on,” so to speak, until it is safe to meet and become intimate with others again.

The campaign can be seen on Badoo’s social media, as well as on a billboard and posters in East London. It follows a survey of members of the dating app that found that more than half of singles are confused about periods when it comes to bringing home a sexual partner, three in four worrying about a second wave of coronavirus and therefore trying to stay at home as much as possible. A whopping 75% of singles said they never had sex during the lockdown.

“Badoo actually created the taglines and I created the illustrations around them. I think my style is bold but also loose and fun. I draw everything by hand in pen and paper and I don’t believe in rules or something like that that I think about creates a feeling of freedom in my work

London-based Alice Skinner is renowned for her tongue-in-cheek illustrations that provide honest social commentary on 21st century life. Describing her style as “bold, loose and fun,” you can see more of her work or purchase one of her prints through her online portfolio.

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